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IUBH University of Applied Sciences - Online Studies

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Student population Large (More than 10,000)
International students 80%
Institution type Private

About IUBH University of Applied Sciences - Online Studies

IUBH was founded in Germany in 1998 and has more than 650 professors, lecturers and employees. The university has a number of accreditations and seals marking quality and excellence. This was achieved by continuously increasing the quality of the programmes and teaching strategies. IUBH is the most innovative and qualitatively leading provider of career-oriented study and further education programmes for students and companies in Europe.

What we do differently
IUBH University of Applied Sciences provides quality programmes for Bachelor, Master, and MBA degrees with a whole new approach. We have established campuses for students who want to complete their studies on site but also offer our full programmes online for distance learning. The most recent development in our story: Eligible students can combine both online and on-campus studies and switch between the two. In this way, we enable students to develop on a personal and professional level and help advance their careers through future-oriented, flexible studies.  
Our mission
What drives us, is what drives you: We design our programmes and courses to be as flexible and innovative as possible—without sacrificing quality. We deliver specialist expertise and innovative learning materials as well as focusing on excellent student services and professional advice. Our programmes are characterised by the effective transfer of subject-specific knowledge and soft skills in order to prepare graduates for the international business world. 
IUBH: Geared to the demands of the global market

Studying at IUBH makes careers in a global environment possible and we welcome students from all over the world. We prepare you for your international career with internationally relevant educational content and pay close attention to providing you with an international perspective for both general management modules and subject-specific content. We impart our international mind-set in all we do to prepare the next generation of professionals for global business.  
94 percent of our graduates find a job within the first three months of graduating and, after two years, an average of 80 percent have management responsibilities. These excellent results are based on the fact that, in addition to teaching professional expertise, we focus on training social and intercultural competence. IUBH is proud of its graduates and the impressive careers they have built. 


Campus information

IUBH has more than 30.000 students worldwide and offers more than 80 Bachelor, Master and MBA programmes (depends on the location and study model). It has 21 campus locations in Germany and Austria in which IUBH Online offers a 100% fully flexible online study.

Distance learning at IUBH offers our students the opportunity to develop on a personal and professional level and advance their career through flexible, practice-oriented study. We are particularly looking for professionals and otherwise busy individuals who would like to grow on a personal and professional level whilst continuing their core duties. That is why we design our programmes and courses to be as flexible and innovative as possible but without sacrificing the usual high IUBH German quality.


100% fully flexible online study from the comfort of your home.


Additional info

✓ Accredited and recognised worldwide: Elevate your career with a European degree
✓ Affordable degrees: Get a scholarship of up to 80%
✓ Flexible payment options: Stress free and easy!

We attach great importance to providing our students with first-class and well-structured degree programmes along with a high level of personal support. Our awards, accreditations, and certifications show we do this successfully. All of our current degree programmes are accredited by FIBAA or the Accreditation Council. And, the IUBH has been recognised as a private university by the Council of Sciences for the maximum possible period of ten years. We have also obtained many external rankings and certifications.

Hands-on learning experience

At IUBH you study on the go on your mobile!*. Why is it worth it for you?

You will find all study materials on our online campus. Simply grab your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and get access to your materials at fingertips, whenever you need them. You study at your own pace, place and time. Perfectly tailored to your habits and your needs. Studying online in your home country gives you a triple financial advantage: Save on tuition, profit from lower living expenses and be able to work alongside your study. Online study doesn’t just give you a valuable degree, though. It shows future employers that you are disciplined and motivated and demonstrates perseverance. *Not all courses available on mobile.

Examinations worldwide

Of course you can take your exams online, but if you want to do your exams on the spot, we offer our students abroad the opportunity to take examinations at over 130 Goethe Institutes worldwide. Examinations at Goethe Institutes are only possible in countries that are not directly adjacent to Germany. The examination fee is 120 Euro for single or block examinations with a duration of up to 120 minutes. The respective institute receives 170 euros per examination date for the taking of examinations lasting more than 120 minutes up to 360 minutes. Several candidates at one institute can split this fee accordingly. Please note that there may be slight deviations due to national exchange rates. You can find the appropriate Goethe-Institut located in your country or city on the world map or directly in the overview.



Courses available 28

Accounting & Finance 2 Business, Management 15 Computer Science, IT 14 Engineering 3



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