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Study Accounting and Finance in the UK

Study Accounting and Finance in the United Kingdom        

Accounting and Finance in the UK has increased rapidly among international students in the past few years. This degree is the path to a lot of job opportunities of high ranking with well-paid salaries. Studying Accounting and Finance in the UK will gain you knowledge on subjects such as economics, mathematics, and political science. There will be a great deal of financial and theoretical practice as well. The universities in the UK offer accounting and finance at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to study Accounting and Finance in the United States, then there are a few things you should have knowledge of first. Plenty of universities in the UK offer this course, but not all universities have the same eligible requirements. Find out here about the most common requirements:

International students who want to study Accounting and Finance at a Baccalaureate level must have a minimum of 35 points and the usual IELTS requirements whereby you need a 6.5 in overall. For the English requirements it is important to know that not all universities accept the TOEFL as a qualification. Most of the time it is the IELTS that counts heavier. Should you really want to study Accounting and Finance, but your English is not on the required level, then there are still other opportunities such as taking pre-sessional English language courses depending on what university you plan to study.

In addition you will also need to acquire at least three completed A-Level subjects during High School. Most universities will only accept you as one of their students if your GSCE score is equivalent to a B or 6 in Mathematics and English.

Cost of Studying Accounting and Finance in the United Kingdom

Studying abroad is a great experience to have, but not only the admission requirements are important to look at. Preparations for the expenses of studying abroad is necessary as well. Every university has their own tuition fees, but in general it would cost about £9000 for UK and EU students and £22.000 for students from overseas.

The tuition fee excludes the class materials, housing, re-sits, transport, and provisions. Depending on the city you plan to study, it varies how much these expenses will be – London, for an instance, is more expensive than Oxford or Cambridge. So if you really want to study in London, you should probably start saving money a few months before you go there! 


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