2023 best universities in United Kingdom

About Universities & Colleges in United Kingdom

Currently, there are more than a hundred institutions spread across the UK – with no less than four in the top 10 of the major world rankings. The oldest university in the world, University of Cambridge, established in 1209, has produced the likes of Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. The University of Oxford currently at the sixth place, has the current Prime Minister, David Cameron as one of its notable alumni. The University College London (UCL) ranked seventh in the world, is known to be the first to admit women on equal terms with men. Meanwhile, the Imperial College London currently in eighth formed the first academic health science center in the UK.

These universities also make up what is called the Russell Group of universities in the UK, representing 24 leading UK universities. These institutions are committed to maintaining the best research, outstanding academic experience and links to businesses and private sectors, as well as the government and the parliament. The universities too have shared focus on research and have a good academic reputation overall.

While there are many universities in the UK, the competition to get in most of them are quite stiff, which is why students are encouraged to apply early if they wish to study in the UK.

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