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Suiting Up for UMBC’s O-Week

Seniors of the University of Malaya Business Club (UMBC) welcomed their juniors with open arms–and all the more enthusiasm–last week during the club’s Orientation Week.


University of Malaya Business Club (UMBC) hosted this year’s Orientation Week (O-Week) to welcome freshmen students of school year 2016-2017. EasyUni, the event’s media partner was there to witness this event.



UMBC President Min Le, together with her team met first year students to join the faculty. “The purpose of our orientation week is to introduce our club to the freshers and, secondly, instigate bonding among the juniors, assist them in adapting to the faculty’s system,” explained Min Le. “Moreover, we hope to lead them in adapting and cultivating further in the business field itself. These are our objectives for this event,” she said.



The opening ceremony invited VIPs to speak to the incoming students about their time at University of Malaya as a member of UMBC. This included  Business and Accounting Faculty’s Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Ruzita Jusoh, and Advisor of UMBC, Dr. Lee Su Teng who emphasised the importance of being part of the club.



EasyUni’s own counsellor Natalie Mueller also gave a talk to the students, in which she spoke about ‘Unleashing Your Potential.’ She shared of the various ways students tend to limit themselves, and how to overcome them, sharing her own experiences upon graduating as a reference.



The second day included several activities where juniors were required to partake in after a talk on entrepreneurship by Inside Scoop. O-Night, the culminating event, featured activities which showcased the students’ creativity and teamwork, as well as an opportunity to bond and make friends through the Buddy Hunting Session, in the fashion of the famous mobile game, Pokemon Go.




While retaining a form of elegance, UMBC’s O-Week was nothing short of a success, in all aspects previously defined by the club’s president Min Le. “Aside from this event, we are also going to have a few other events as well,” she said. Some of these events include workshops with various companies and much anticipated the 6th Malaysian Student Business Summit, in which they have already invited  the Deputy Minister of Higher Education Dato Mary Yap Kain Ching.

The University of Malaya Business Club works towards preparing students to enter the working force upon graduation equipped with skills sure to make a lasting impression if one were to come across them. The discipline and proactive nature of the club’s seniors and students taken under their wing is a sign of the faculty’s dedication in producing the best of the best, as are the words of UMBC’s anthem.

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