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Study Mass Communication and Media in Singapore

Communication is extremely crucial no matter what industry or sector. Learn more about how to effectively communicate and interact with individuals inside and outside the company

Even in the increasingly digital age that society is in right now, communication and mass media is a highly sought after field. In fact, the industry is exploding in growth due to the changing way in which members of society receive their news and information. It is important to earn a degree in this field in order to gain the knowledge that employers seek today.

Singapore is at the hub of Asia. Their universities consistently rank near the top in the world, and are the most highly regarded in all of Asia. Communication is central to the growth of this region, so degrees in this field are highly sought after.

Eligibility Requirements

It is best to begin preparing for university admission as early as possible. If you want to study abroad, then you will want to make sure that you receive good marks, and that you participate in a range of activities that will make you a good candidate for Singaporean universities. Academically, you will need to complete a minimum of two A-Level courses. Each of these need to include a general paper requirement, and they do need to be completed in one sitting. Alternatively, you can demonstrate your candidacy for admission by earning an International Baccalaureate Diploma. If neither of these options are readily available to you at your secondary school, then you can always take either the SAT or ACT exam to boost your application. Remember to prepare for this test and score as high as possible. Universities in Singapore will consider your score along with other factors on the application in determining whether or not to admit you.

Most instruction in Singapore will be in English, so you will need to sit for a General English Exam at some point during your first year of study. If you do not earn an adequate enough score, the university will ask you to complete up to three additional modules in the English language. You will need to complete these satisfactorily before advancing to the later stages of your program. Remember that these modules do not earn you any credit towards your actual degree.


Cost of Studying Mass Communication and Media in Singapore

You will want to prepare for the financial cost of studying abroad, as no matter which university in Singapore you attend; you will need to show that you can handle the expenses. A program in communications will carry an annual tuition expense of $17,100 including a grant from the ministry of education. If you do not have a grant, then you can expect a cost of about $28,000 Singapore Dollars per year. On top of this, remember to allocate money for additional course fees, lodging and food, and travel expenses.



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