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Study Sports Science In Singapore

Sport has created a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people. Not only in the professional sport industry, but in the fitness sector as well

Sports Science is one of the academic world's most rapidly growing fields of study. As its name implies, this discipline takes a scientific approach concerning exercise and sports. Sports science majors study everything from how the body moves during activity (biomechanics) to the physical effects of exercise (physiology), to the effects of training and exercise on the mind (psychology). Potential employers of those who graduate with degrees in sports science include gymnasiums and fitness centers, hospitals and clinics, schools, and professional sports teams. A degree in sports science can be a plus when seeking employment in the pharmacy industry as well. And sports science study is no longer confined to a few institutions of higher learning in a single hemisphere. Today, many sports science degrees can be obtained from all over the world, including across Asia. Singapore is one of these countries, offering an attractive option for students from that nation wanting to pursue a sports science degree. But what should these students know before beginning to study sports science in Singapore?

Various types of sports science programs are offered at a number of institutions of higher learning in Singapore. Aside from the variety of institutions offering this program, there are a number of study options as well. Students here can undertake studies ranging from certification that allows them to teach health and physical education throughout Singapore's school systems, to bachelor, masters, and post graduate options. And study programs here are ranked on an international level, and range from sports psychology to coaching techniques to developing health and fitness programs, among many others.


Eligibility Requirements

For non-national undergraduate students, a diploma or the equivalent from an accredited high school or another recognized educational system would generally suffice. Potential students should note that some institutions require additional coursework in addition to general diplomas, such as mathematics. Physical fitness or testing is not a requirement to participate in programs here. For master’s work, students must show that they have previously completed a course of study and received an undergraduate degree in sports science from an accredited institution, either within Singapore or abroad.


Cost Of Studying Sports Science in Singapore

Given the international status of its capital city and institutions, studying in Singapore is a bargain. Both the cost of living and study is cheaper than many major Asian cities, and it is far less expensive than attending school in the United States or Europe. A student in Singapore pays on average SG$5000 to SG$20,000 for a six month to two-year certificate, SG$24,000 to SG$55,000 for a two to four year bachelors degree, and SG$18,500 to SG$30,000 for a one to one and a half year masters degree. The Singapore government also offers a deferment program for international students. Participants in this program must agree to work in Singapore for three to five years following graduation. Some scholarship help can be found for international students as well, so they should take advantage of all available resources while studying sports science in Singapore.


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