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Study Humanities and Social Sciences in Singapore

This degree covers a lot of research , such as quantitative analysis and analysis regarding the cultural societies.

The dream of earning a university degree is certainly achievable in this day and age. If you study and work hard, you will realize your goals and objectives are closer to reality than they seem. Perhaps you would like to study abroad, but do not want to travel too far from your home. Singapore offers world-class universities taught by internationally renowned professors, so you might want to consider starting your search accordingly and then apply.

This is a great course of study that has a diverse range of future career opportunities in store for you. Perhaps you enjoy history and anthropology. A study of our past leads to a better understanding of our future. There are numerous others fields within this genre that might appeal to you. Graduates with such a degree are highly sought after by employers throughout the world because it is known that they have a broad background of different subjects behind them. A liberal arts degree can certainly pay off in the long run.

Eligibility Requirements

As you prepare to study in Singapore, you will want to ensure that you meet the admission requirements. Singaporean universities are widely open to international applicants, but you do need to demonstrate that you have the academic ability to succeed in such a rigorous environment. This begins with passing a minimum of two subjects at the ‘A’ Level. Each of these courses should also include a general paper, and they need to be completed within one sitting. It is quite possible that you attend a secondary school that does not meet the Singaporean system, and that is quite alright. What you will need to then is either to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma, or take the SAT and ACT exams. The exams will be taken into account to give a picture of your overall application, so do as good as you can on each of them in order to have your application viewed more favorably.

Students will also need to demonstrate a certain proficiency in the English Language. This will not be a requirement for your initial admission, but you will need to take a university-administered test within the first year of study. If your performance is less than satisfactory, then you will be asked to take up to three more English modules.

Cost of Studying Humanities & Social Sciences in Singapore

The cost for international students to study for this degree path in Singapore is currently $17,000 Singaporean Dollars. That is an annual tuition fee. You will also want to plan for your travel expenses, additional course fees, and costs associated with your housing and 


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