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Scholarships and Financial Aids for International Students in Malaysia

April 15, 2024


scholarships for international students in Malaysia

Providing financial support for international university students is important for fostering educational opportunities and ensuring holistic development. 

It addresses the financial hardships often encountered by these students, which could potentially hinder their pursuit of higher education.

To address this challenge, Malaysia initiates to supporting international students by offering scholarships and financial assistance, aimed to lessen their financial burden. 

This initiative not only reflects Malaysia's dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment but also facilitates the pursuit of higher education and academic excellence.

What should you know about scholarships and financial aid in Malaysia?

scholarship and financial aid in Malaysia

While Malaysia offers financial assistance options for international students, it's essential to consider several key factors when applying for scholarships or financial aid.

It's crucial to understand that securing a scholarship or financial aid in Malaysia is highly competitive due to the increasing number of international students arriving in the country each year. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding merit and qualifications to stand out in this competitive environment.

In addition, universities in Malaysia typically offer partial scholarships based on merit, particularly for academic excellence. Although Malaysia's universities do not provide fully-funded scholarships, they offer partial scholarships, which may cover a portion of tuition fees or living expenses, depending on the specific criteria set by each institution.

Additionally, certain nationalities may be eligible for specific financial support programs. For instance, students from countries like Sudan and Palestine may qualify for targeted scholarship schemes designed to assist students from these regions.

Most scholarships and financial aid opportunities in Malaysia are geared towards postgraduate students, especially those pursuing Master's degrees and Ph.D. programs. While undergraduate scholarships may be available in some cases, they are less common compared to those for postgraduate studies.

What is the significance of Malaysia offering scholarships and financial aid?

The significance of Malaysia offering scholarships and financial aid lies in its commitment to creating equal educational opportunities for international university students. 

This initiative aims to establish Malaysia as a global education hub and enhance cultural diversity within university campuses.Below is the details:

1. Promoting global educational exchange

First of all, Malaysia's commitment to offering scholarships and financial support demonstrates its dedication to promoting global education exchange. 

Through these initiatives, Malaysia welcomes international students to further their higher education in the country. 

By opening its doors to international students, Malaysia creates an inclusive learning community where students from different backgrounds and cultures come together, enriching the educational experience for everyone.

2. Enhancing cultural diversity

scholarship and financial aid in Malaysia

Providing scholarships and financial aid serves not only as financial support but also significantly enhances cultural diversity among university students

By welcoming students from various backgrounds and nationalities, Malaysia fosters a cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. 

This diversity enriches the learning environment, exposing students to different cultures, traditions, and perspectives for academic purposes or daily interaction.

3. Building an excellent academic reputation

Offering scholarships and financial aid helps in building Malaysia's excellent academic reputation

By supporting international students in their pursuit of higher education, Malaysia cultivates a community of researchers. It contributes to the country as a hub for quality education and academic excellence. 

The success of scholarship recipients reflects positively on Malaysia's educational institutions, showcasing the country's commitment to nurturing intellectual talent.

4. Strengthening diplomatic and economic ties 

Another significance of offering scholarships and financial aid to international students is to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between Malaysia and other countries. 

Malaysia attracts potential international students through these initiatives, fostering cultural diplomacy and promoting tolerance among students from different countries. 

The connections established during their studies serve as bridges that facilitate communication and collaboration between Malaysia and other nations, leading to the establishment of stronger diplomatic ties.

Furthermore, the educational experiences gained by international students in Malaysia equip them with valuable skills and knowledge, contributing to the economic development of their home countries.

5. Addressing skills gaps and talent development

By offering financial support to international students, Malaysia ensures a steady supply of skilled professionals, making significant contributions to the nation's economic growth. 

This support removes financial barriers, enabling students to pursue higher education, acquire specialized knowledge, and develop the necessary skills to meet the demands of the job market.

Malaysia aims to bridge the skills gap between industries and the available talent pool by supporting students in various disciplines. 

Scholarships and financial aid enable students to access quality education, including international exposure and research opportunities.

With this, they are equipped with a global perspective and the ability to adapt to evolving trends and technologies in their respective fields.

What are the types of financial support offered for international students in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, two types of scholarships and financial aid are provided to cater to the educational needs of international students:

1. Malaysian government 

The Malaysian government is committed to fostering educational opportunities for international university students, exemplifying its dedication to supporting academic excellence. 

Therefore, students can apply for scholarships such as the Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) and the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP).

MTCP covers a range of expenses, including living costs, books and tools, house rental, travel, medical, insurance allowances, and more. 

However, before applying, applicants must check eligibility requirements, including participating universities, the level of study, and the courses covered under this financial assistance.

2. University

Another avenue of financial aid for international students in Malaysia is university scholarships, offered to students enrolled in specific institutions or programs of study. 

This financial aid is supported by the Malaysian government through collaborations with universities.

It is an initiative that aims to enhance educational opportunities for international students during their academic journey in Malaysia. 

For instance, this partial scholarship may provide a 10-40% discount on the normal tuition fees. 

Usually, the normal tuition fees would cost USD 4000-7000 for most programs. However, courses like Medicine and Dentistry are more expensive, ranging from USD 18,000 to 30,000 per year depending on the university.

University scholarships are granted based on merit, such as academic excellence. And each university scholarship may have different eligibility requirements, so applicants must thoroughly review them and prepare the necessary supporting documents to secure the aid.

If you are unfamiliar or unsure with the eligibility requirements for scholarships, you can contact us at EasyUni! 

Our Study Advisor will assist you in reaching out to the university to verify your eligibility for financial assistance.

Just drop us your details by filling out this form or contact our Study Advisors via WhatsApp

How to increase the chances of securing a scholarship?

Securing a scholarship can be a competitive process, but there are several ways international students can increase their chances of success. Here are some tips to enhance a scholarship application:

1. Research and apply early 

The first step for international students is to conduct research and apply for scholarships during the early stages of their academic journey. 

This approach provides ample time for them to explore various opportunities that align with their qualifications. 

Thus, they must be mindful of application deadlines and create a schedule to allow sufficient time for completing each application.

2. Maintain strong academic performance

As scholarship applicants, international students must prioritize maintaining strong academic performance. 

Many scholarship providers value candidates with a consistent commitment to academic excellence. 

Striving for high grades consistently showcases intellectual abilities, dedication, and potential for success. Therefore, they must establish effective study habits, seek guidance from lecturers or academic advisors, and regularly review study methods to secure academic excellence.

3. Prioritize extracurricular activities

Another way to increase the chances of securing a scholarship or financial aid is for international students to actively participate in extracurricular activities

Scholarship providers often look for well-rounded applicants who contribute to institutions and are committed to their studies. 

This can be demonstrated by joining student clubs, participating in university’s events, and showing the ability to balance extracurricular and academic responsibilities.

4. Write a strong personal statement

In addition to securing a scholarship, international students should write a personal statement for the scholarship providers. 

A well-written personal statement should provide insights into their background, experiences, and goals, showcasing why they are a strong candidate for the scholarship. 

Clearly articulating future goals and explaining how the scholarship will contribute is essential to secure the scholarship.

5. Prepare for an interview 

For scholarships interviews, international students need to invest time in honing their interview skills. 

Familiarizing themselves with common interview questions, practicing responses, and highlighting qualifications, achievements, and experiences that align with the scholarship's objectives is essential. 

They can research the scholarship provider's mission, values, and goals to tailor their responses and demonstrate genuine interest during the interview process.

What should they do after receiving financial assistance?

After receiving financial assistance, there are several  steps you can take to make the most of the opportunity and ensure that you use the funds effectively:

1. Review the terms and conditions

The first step after receiving a scholarship or financial support is for the recipient to carefully review its terms and conditions.

They should determine the purpose of the financial aid, whether it is designated for tuition fees, living expenses, books, or research projects.

Understanding the intended purpose allows recipients to appropriately allocate funds.

Another critical consideration is not overlooking any restrictions or limitations associated with the financial assistance, including certain expenses that may not be covered or specific conditions for fund utilization.

2. Report to the respective scholarship provider 

After reviewing the terms and conditions of the scholarship, the recipient should express their gratitude to the scholarship provider by tailoring a thank-you letter.

Doing this demonstrates their appreciation and strengthens the relationship.

In addition, they may need to report their progress to the respective provider, depending on the financial assistance or scholarship requirements.

Therefore, they must familiarize themselves with any reporting obligations, showing commitment to transparency and accountability.

3. Focus on your education

The financial assistance received is intended to support the educational journeys of international students.

As scholarship recipients, they must focus on studies and strive for academic excellence by maintaining a good grade point average (GPA).

4. Save for future needs

Regardless of the amount of assistance received, recipients can allocate some funds for an emergency fund or saving for future educational expenses.

They can set aside a portion of the financial assistance in a separate savings account designated for emergency circumstances. To do this, they need to set a savings target by accumulating three to six months' worth of living expenses.

In conclusion, scholarships and financial aid for international students are essential components that contribute significantly to shaping the Malaysian education landscape. 

These initiatives underscore Malaysia's dedication to fostering equal educational opportunities, addressing financial barriers, and cultivating an inclusive learning environment.

If you require assistance in verifying your eligibility for scholarships before embarking on your studies at Malaysian universities, you can reach out to us at EasyUni. 

However, you need to provide academic transcripts and other supporting documents for our Study Advisor to confirm your eligibility with the university.

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