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Study MBA in Canada

Boost your skill developments, and your salary, job and network opportunities by choosing a MBA course

Choosing a program of study can be a daunting prospect! However, students have increasingly found success within several programs in Canada. Studying for an MBA in Canada has shown rapid growth and popularity in recent years. Students from countries such as India and Malaysia have sought to further their education in Canadian institutions due to factors such as affordability, ease of air travel, safety of the locale and employment prospects.

Canada boasts a safe community, a broad spectrum of employers and a strong potential for permanent residency once coursework is completed. Student populations from areas in the South Pacific are high, which allows for both diversity and the opportunity to form strong friendships and bonds. The lush landscapes and coastlines provide a scenic backdrop for studies and recreation alike. Skilled professionals are readily welcomed as part of this booming country and its opportunities.

The sky is truly the limit for students seeking to further their careers and their futures with an MBA from Canada. Universities in this region stand ready to welcome you and assist you in your academic journey from start to finish!


Eligibility Requirements

The first step is to explore some of the student partner programs that are available. Using programs such as these can help to expedite visa processing, streamline the application process and help to secure housing. It can also help set the stage for part time work while in school if such is needed. Student partner admissions are noted for having a fast turnaround time, so admission may be finalized quickly within 2 weeks or less. International students can file an application for residency, but that is a longer process which can take over a year, so filing upon arrival is recommended for best success.


Cost of Studying MBA in Canada

Overall, the cost of the program is a very big reason. Average cost of living can range between $600-800 a month in Canadian currency. Program tuition fees can vary widely depending on the province location, but generally fall between $10,000 annually to $25,000 CDN. By contrast to similar programs in the United States, which have a far greater cost, this seems like a fine option!





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