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Study Creative Arts & Design in Canada

The Creative Arts and Design sector has plenty of job opportunities ranging from actor and illustrator to fashion designers and makeup artists

Enjoy creating works of art through a variety of media sources? Interested in designing innovative jewelry or web pages? Take the time to consider the opportunity to study creative arts and design in Canada. Colleges and universities located in Canada provide you with hands on experience in your chosen field to create something new and exciting.

The art colleges in Canada offer a wide variety of degree options for you to choose from. Students are able to obtain a bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of designs, bachelor of arts, or a master of applied arts degree through different colleges. Each college or university provides you with a degree that will prepare you for your creative profession. Finding the degree you desire will not be difficult as you navigate your way through the colleges in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements

The creative arts and design colleges in Canada have different requirements for being accepted into the art programs. Colleges allow students to apply online and do list their requirements for acceptance on the website. Many creative arts and design colleges require a portfolio of your work to be turned in for review. Portfolios can be mailed to the colleges. Certain colleges require specific courses to have been taken by students. Checking with the college to make sure you have everything necessary to apply is a good idea. An understanding and knowledge of English language skills are necessary for attending colleges in Canada. Studying abroad in another country does require a visa.

Cost of Studying Creative Arts & Design in Canada

The cost of studying creative arts and design varies depending on the college or university you attend. Cost per semester can be anywhere in the range of $11,000 to $19,000 for international students. Each college or university is able to communicate with you about the cost of studying abroad in Canada.

Preparing for a career in the creative arts and design field is an exciting journey. Let your creative juices flow as you study in Canada.



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